A token that works as a medium built of eth blockchain Erc20 with a smart code that makes it easy and safe to invest, use, and beneficial to hold.

The official digital currency of all horse communities and owners.

Advantages of being part of the stallion community:

Stallion community:
-Eases out the transactions between the horse buyers and sellers worldwide being considered as the official digital currency of all horse communities and owners.

-A worldwide marketplace for the exhibition and sale of the horses and all equipment needed

NFt stallion :
Issue Stallion Certificate Card with NFT Integrate with Eth ecosystem support blockchain with BSC. our goal has always been to help accelerate the emergence of a state-of-the-art virtual economy that spans the globe.nft holders will be able to mint nft stallions and breed them as well.

-Deflationary currency: our token supply is constantly shrinking and making your Stallion increase in value with time we have already tarted with 49 percent of the supply burned.

-Anti-whale trap

-Part of Stallion NFT project: users will be able to mint stallion figures by using THE BARN PLATFORM

Digital to reality’s experience:
Moving from the crypto digital world to reality, where Stallion holders can experience the beauty and fun of riding the horses listed on our Marketplace official website that will also be linked to the net characters where you can not just collect stallion figures but also being able to ride them in real life in multiple horse stations worldwide.

How it works ? Stallion

Why is it Important to buy $Stallion Token

* Hold and Earn
Earn By Holding Stallion

* Community Focused and easy access
Stallion is a community-focused project where our aim is to bring in as many people as we can for benefit of the community and for this objective we will conduct regular Stallion stations worldwide to be part of it .

Token Name

Stallion Coin

Token Symbol


Total Supply


Total Liquidity

42% Tokens Added to the Pancakeswap & Locked Forever

Tokens Burnt

50% Burnt

  • Initial Burn
  • Liquidity
  • Future Development & Marketing

Roadmap Our Roadmap


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